2019 Tattoo Jury

Filip Leu

Filip Leu is a tattooer and painter, famous for his artistic spontaneity and blending of surrealism and psychedelia. He is a co-originator of the Art Fusion Experiment with his wife Titine K-Leu a fine artist known for her paintings of iconic tattooed people and sensual female forms.

Lyle Tuttle

Tattoos are travel marks, stickers on your luggage. Tattoos are special, you have to go off  and earn them. You can go into a jewelry store and buy a big diamond and slip it on your finger and walk out. It’s not like that when you go into a tattoo shop and pick a big tattoo and pay for it. Now you got to sit down and take it.

-Lyle Tuttle

Luke Atkinson

Luke has travelled the world extensively to live and learn about the many secrets the tattoo world has to offer. Luke build up Checker Demon Tattoos as it is today. Attracting Worldclass Tattoo Artists for over 25 years, the studio has a reputation for itself of producing high energy work for an international clientel. Award winning work that has been published in many books and magazines around the world.

2019 Artist Guest

Doc Price

Doc Price got his first tattoo – saying ‘Mother’ – in 1962, and started working full time just two years later. And more than half a century on he is still welcoming clients to his studio in Plymouth, Devon. Mr Price was the star attraction during the opening of exhibition charting the history of British tattooing at the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth in Cornwall. Mr Price first opened his own tattoo studio in 1970 and has followed his passion for body art across the globe, judging at international conventions in Japan, Australia and the United States

Shawn Barber

Shawn Barber’s body of work focuses primarily on painting, portraiture, and documenting contemporary tattoo culture. Barber’s intimate renditions of tattooed individuals balance both meticulous brush strokes and loose energy. Figurative in nature, these large paintings take on abstractions with explosive colors, meandering lines and paint dripping down the canvas. In ‘The Tattooed Portraits Series’, Shawn has created an homage and study of modern tattooing through painting portraits of tattooists and artists, tattooist’s at work, their tools and environments.

Andrea Corelli

Andrea Corelli appassionato di pittura, tatuaggi e disegno tribale. Dal 1994 inizio il mio percorso artistico, interessandomi all’arte e alla cultura del tatuaggio, principalmente dell’ arcipelago polinesiano, studiando figure e gli stili tribali che rappresentano queste isole. Continuo ancora oggi, dopo 25 anni, a disegnare con passione e dedizione le mie tavole.