Tattoo Expo Bologna 2020 - Artist Special Guest

Victor Fernandez a.k.a. Bitxsefer

Bitxsefer studio:

Tattoo Adicts

Horror - Realistico


Bitxsefer's gallery

About Bitxsefer

I was born in Bilbao, in 1989. I’ve always been interested in creative work, very present in my family. That is why I decided to study fine arts, and after graduating in 2013 iI moved to Barcelona to continue my studies in Mural Arts. It was then when my interest in tattooing started to grow, after finding the work of diferent artists, such as Robert Hernandez or Victor Portugal. I had already started to tattoo on my own, and decided to postpone my studies and continue my experimentation with ink.
Throughout the years I tried to develop my own style, it tends to be dark, related to surrealism, and realism oriented.

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