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Friday Jones is known for lush, spiritually-minded images that have adorned canvas both living and still for over twenty-five years. With a deep interest in symbolism, Friday helps her clients stay consciously ahead of the creative curve in what can be a very trendy industry.

Friday’s client list includes Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Olivier winners, as well as supermodels and even heads of state. Her images have been featured on the cover of a hit album and a Fender-Jackson guitar. She has appeared in publications as diverse as New York Magazine, W, Life, The Huffington Post and the The NY Observer as well as appearing as a TEDx speaker and an expert commentator for CNN, CBS Sunday Morning, The Today Show, BBC Radio1, PRVA TV and IrelandAM. In 2014 she starred in Tattoos After Dark for Oxygen Channel in the US which is currently in syndication around the world.

Recently, Friday has turned her attention to post-operative tattoos, and has aligned with some of the country's top plastic surgeons for nipple pigmentation and illustrative scar therapy. Friday is also a board member of Personal Ink, a charity dedicated to matching mastectomy survivors with tattoo artists for artful scar coverage and emotional restoration.

Friday began her journey into tattoo art with an apprenticeship at the prestigious Inksmith & Rogers Studios which she completed while simultaneously earning degrees in philosophy, art and religion at Jacksonville University in Florida. She continued her studies at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Friday's unusual name came from school breaks spent working with Spider Webb in New York City's outlaw tattoo culture until the art was finally legalized in 1997. Although the tattoo industry has often been ruthlessly male, Friday is one of only two women to have worked at Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Social Club. As a member of the National Tattoo Association, she was selected at that organization's annual convention on a panel of six, along with Ed Hardy, to roast the legendary Lyle Tuttle.

Friday currently maintains operations in Montenegro and New York City. Please see the contact page for scheduling information.